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Coconut Porridge - gluten, grain and dairy free

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Gluten grain and dairy free - Paleo friendly

This is a wonderfully nourishing breakfast. Light and delicious but full of sustaining goodness. A perfect way to start any day.

Ingredients - ground almond, organic coconut, organic dates, organic chia seeds, ground linseed, sunflower seeds, cinnamon

You will need - berries or any seasonal fresh fruit, your choice of milk - nut milk, coconut milk, rice milk, cows milk

Serving suggestions - Add your favourite milk at warm through on the stove top, simmer gently until the mix has thinkened to your preference then serve over a bowl of fresh or frozen berries. A fabulous addition to any smoothie. Add milk and berries, allow to sit for 10 mins and enjoy as a cold breakfast option Sprinkle on top of your yoghurt  and berry of choice for a light morning snack or healthy dessert option.  A fabulous addition to any smoothie.....................You'll find your own perfection

Store in the fridge

10 serves in every 640g bag


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