Whether your entertaining or simply in a rush to get a nutritiously hearty spread on the table, you need convenient options (yes, even more convenience) at hand.
During the winter months, there is nothing better than a bowl of warm bread rolls or a loaf of warm bread to accompany your seasonal fare.















Try this.................

To parbake you Larder Project loaf, reduce cooking time to 40mins, remove from the oven and cool. If you intend on using your loaf in a day or two, store in an airtight container. If not, then freeze for another time (remember to defrost overnight before using)
To heat, set oven to 180 degrees, place bread on an oven tray and warm through for 30mins - your home will be filled with the aroma of fresh baked bread and your guests will be filled with the delights and comfort of hot bread!!
To parbake your Larder Project bread rolls, reduce cooking time to 20mins, and reheat for 15mins - all other tips and tricks as per above.
Enjoy x