Nicky White

The Larder Project was created by me, Nicky.  I'm a mum who is passionionate about raising my family on good food.  I am dedicated to teaching my boys the value and importance of making good food choices - dedicated to helping them develop an appreciation of 'Real Food'.

I am passionate about making a positive contribution when it comes to shifting our food 'norms' from that of the mass produced, cheaply manufactured, unethically made to that of the sustainable, the nourishing, the ethical and the real - Real Food for Real People. I am passionate about working with like minded people to achieve this. When we join forces by just doing 'our bit' then we can achieve magic, we can achieve change and we can achieve anything. I'm passionate about collaborating, inspiring, being inspired, contributing and living a life that can only be summed up as lived to the fullest

The Larder Project was created by me, for my family, for your family, for everybody.