A Glimpse into Anita’s Journey – The Woman Behind The Kefir Company

It was through our journey with autism that The Kefir Company was born. Both our children have been diagnosed with autism and now recovered - the journey has been and is a long one, but so rewarding.

The one thing I realised once my first child, Shamus, had been diagnosed was how much his gut health was related to his autism. Our naturopath, Gina Wilson, and Doctor Leila Masson kept talking about gut health but it wasn’t until I started to do my own research that I really put two and two together – if we heal the gut we heal the autism. Shamus gut flora was so poor that he showed signs of autism.

The first step we took was to include bone broth into his diet to help heal and seal the gut walls, reduce inflammation and build stronger bones. We then started to introduce Kefir to help recolonize the gut and push the bad bacteria out. We also used fermented Sauerkraut. Fermented food and drink help your gut to absorb the nutrients from your food, it helps digestion and to eliminate waste and using different fermented foods and drink provide different bacteria’s. Once we implemented this into Shamus diet, the difference in his behaviour was unbelievable. We had our beautiful boy starting to make progress in the right direction and we were seeing changes.  Slowly over the next six months he started to sleep throughout the night. He was calmer and more accepting of change and a much happier child, with no vomiting, no self-harming and no lining up toys.

We implement this diet alongside biomedical therapy Bowen therapy, homeopathy treatments, chiropractic care, speech therapy and infrared saunas. We work hard every day to ensure their diet and the therapeutic care is the best it can be and seven years on both my children are doing really well.

This is a glimpse into our story and how important gut health is. Start out with Kefir and Sauerkraut instead of things like Kombucha as this is too high in sugar to heal the gut initially. Start slowly. The bad bacteria need to come out and your body needs to detox; this will make you feel worse before you feel better.

Check out our website www.thekefircompany.co.nz for our full story and more info on Kefir.

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